Basic information

Located towards the west of Bosnia and Herzegovina , Medjugorje is also fairly close to Croatia ’s border. The town’s name literally translates to an area between mountains. Due to its location of about 200 meters above sea level, the town enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate. Medjugorje has quite a few historical and cultural sights to visit. But the town is more popularly known for its claims that six Croats have seen visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary here.

The Marian shrine is one of the most popular attractions in Medjugorje. In addition to this, there are a few other places that tourists must visit in the town. This includes the White Cross Hill, also known as the Cross Mountain which is quite close to the town. The path up to the white cross erected at the peak is lined with the different stations of the cross. St. James Church and the Cenacolo are two other spots that tourists can visit when they are in Medjugorje.

The story of Međugorje

The story of Međugorje is well known to most Catholics. In 1981 six teenagers were playing together in the hills between the villages of Međugorje and Bijakovići – it was on this barren hillside that Mother Mary appeared and spoke to them. When the children told their parents the first reaction was scepticism. The apparitions, however, did not cease. She appeared again and again and soon made believers out of even the most vocal of critics.

Since then it is estimated that over 15 million people have visited this tiny place. Međugorje has become the one of the largest Catholic pilgrimage sites in the world.