Mali Ston

Mali Ston was founded in 1335 as part of the Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik). It was essentially a defensive town, meant to protect powerful Ragusa, with an impressive arrangement of walls and towers. The most outstanding feature is the fortress of Koruna, rising over the village and visible from quite a distance. The port of Mali Ston was completed in 1490 and clearly resembles the port of Dubrovnik with three arsenals, a round tower and a fortified port gate with a Romanesque statue of St Blaise over it.


Only one kilometer southwest of Mali Ston is the slightly larger village of Ston and connecting the two is an amazing wall of more than 5 kilometers. Ston was walled at about the same time as Mali Ston but had been settled as early as prehistoric times. The Romans named Ston Turris Stagni and it became an essential part of the Ragusa Republic. Its former value as a “salt city” is confirmed even today in the plants of the oldest active salt-works in the world. These salt works have remained faithful to the tradition and to the natural way of salt production which has not changed since remote ages.

Ston Wall Marathon

The Ston Wall Marathon is held annually in September. The event attracts runners from around the world and includes the possibility of participating in marathons of 15 and 4km. While passing along the famous Ston wall and further along the coast, the main feature of the race is unforgettable view on the islands of Southern Adriatic.