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We’re situated on the Pelješac peninsula, in the small town -Viganj where our company offers different kinds of accommodation and different activities in our two camps, apartments building and waters sports center.

Whatever your preference, you can find it here.

Accomodation types

If you like camping, you can bring your own camping gear, find the perfect lot right by the sea and if you do not own camping gear, you can rent one of our mobile camping homes.

On the other hand, if camping is not your kind of vacation, you can choose one of our eight newly built luxury apartments which are only a minute walking distance from the beach.

Activities in Viganj

Our little town is situated in a large bay, while rising above are numerous smaller hamlets. The place has a long maritime tradition, and it is known by its botanical garden and orchard where many plants and trees are grown that were brought in the old days by seafarers of Peljesac. In the settlement agriculture, especially the growing of olives and grapes, fishing and tourism prevail.

Northeast from Viganj, towards Orebić, you can see the highest point of the peninsula, St. Elias, from which you can enjoy the beautiful sunset in which the islands of Peljesac archipelago seem to sink. It is ideal for a family holiday where you can relax and enjoy with children and friends. You can enjoy the ideal climate, great sandy beaches and clear waters. If you want peace and quiet, away from the others, there are several small coves where you can completely relax.

Viganj is also very good for those who love water sports, kite-and windsurfing. This has become a favorite destination for surfers from around the world. In addition, you can engage in scuba diving, cycling, hiking or climbing. For those braver, the settlement offers paragliding from the top of St.Elias. For those interested in culture, in the center of Viganj you can visit the Dominican monastery and parish church of Our Lady of the Rosary. A little further you can also see a gothic Church of St. Michael. Since the whole area is known by sailors, many homes open their doors to visitors so they can see what the homes of old sea captains and sailors were like.

During the summer season you can attend numerous festivals and bars, which are mostly on the beach, organize entertainment that is not just for the young, but for all ages. As for the cuisine, we recommend you taste the local fish specialties and wine at the restaurants “Monutun”, “Karamela” and “Forte”. If you want to enjoy good music on the beach, we recommend some of the beach bars-“Bofor”, “Čiringito” or “K2,” where you can have fun at live shows until the early morning hours.

Wind & Kite surfing

Our unique position, right on the beach in Viganj makes our destination perfect for engaging in all kinds of water based activities but, because of perfect weather conditions most popular ones are windsurfing and kitesurfing. Apartments and campsite are located on the middle of Pelješac channel and the weather conditions are among the best in the world for wind & kitesurfing.

Our surfing school will teach you the basics of these engaging sports and if you already have the knowledge but lack gear we can rent it to you at affordable prices.

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If you’re both-feet-on-the-ground kind of person, we’re sure that numerous excursions available from our reception desk will be of interest to you. Daily visits to medieval Korčula which hosts a large number of restaurants, movie theatre, museums, culture centre and many organised events throughout the season.
The island of Mljet, the home of one of seven Croatian National Parks, a church built in 12th century and the Odyssey’s cave is only 20km from Viganj and is connected with daily ferry an boat lines.
On Pelješac itself you can visit places like ancient Illirian villages and archeological ruins of the Nakovan village, hike up the St. Elijah (Sv. Ilija) hill which, with it’s 886m altitude is very popular among mountain climbers and paragliding enthusiasts. On the very base of the peninsula you can visit the town of Ston which has a wide choice of gastronomic destinations, an oldest european salt factory from 14th century and ancient defensive walls which guard the entrance to the entire Pelješac.



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