Welcome to Antony-Boy, a family camping ground stretching over more than 60 000 sq.m. and divided into 8 levels.

Either if you are looking for a quiet and intimate place, or if you are more into crowded and busy places full of people, we always have a solution for you.

Within our camp there is a small shop at the reception. This is also a place where you can find an internet-cafe.

You can rent windsurfing equipment with a discount, as well as attend a windsurfing school located in the Windsurf Center in our near-by camp «Liberan» which is located 100m western from «Antony-Boy».

We also offer a possibility of renting Antony-Boy camping caravans, bikes and small tents. Also, here you can load your gas bottles.

Bigger grocery shops are within a walking-distance from the camp – about 500m to the left or to the right, where villages Kuciste and Viganj are located. For a larger variety of goods, you will have to go to Orebic, a small city located 6 km east of the camp.

If you have any other questions or special needs, do not hesitate to talk to our reception staff which is at your disposal from 7.30 to 21.00.

Campsite from the air

To make your stay in our camp as pleasant as possible, we have a few rules:


Camping rules

  1. From 23.00 to 7.00 it’s sleeping time, so please be as quiet as possible.
  2. We ask you to dispose waste near the main entrance to the camp or at designated places close to the lavatories.
  3. Chemical/mobile toilet dump is at level 6, out of the lavatory, and on the 3rd level (right by the main entrance) at the possition of camper service.
  4. If you have any pets, please keep an eye on them and clean after them. At the beach, the only tolerable place for your pets is by theeastern entrance. Also, make sure they don’t disturb the other guests.

Payment and reservations

  1. Please pay your bills from 9.00 to 12.00 or from 17.00 to 20.00 if possible.
  2. If you want to be certain of having the exact place at our camping ground, please contact us and make a reservation in advance.
  3. Please place yourself within your plot, if this is not possible contact reception, otherwise the price of the other plot is 150 kn per day.
  4. Guests and equipment which are not reported within 1 hour from arrival are paying an ammount for at least 30 days back or more if it is determined that the staying was longer than 30 days.

Your suggestions are more than welcome. We will do everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible.


Corrections are possible, as well as mistakes in translation and printing so we ask for your understanding.



Antony boy Team